Sunday, 21 August 2011

Just In Case by Meg Rosoff

What would you do if you thought fate was out to get you?
If you're fifteen-year-old David Case, you might decide to change your name and the way you look.
You might reinvent yourself as an athlete, to try and outrun the terrible things that could happen any second.
You might leave home and find yourself caught up in a series of strange misadventures.
You might even fall in love.
But is David Case really in control of his life? And if he isn't, who is?

I thought this book was both good and bad at the same time. Portraying Fate as a conscious living thing is really interesting, and plays a major part in keeping the reader reading, because the book itself isn't the most captivating I have read. If you get bored easily by books, this definitely isn't the book for you. In my view, it wasn't written that well, and the way it kept randomly changing from character to character and sometimes without use of punctuation made it really confusing about what was going on at what time. I reckon that if it had been written better, with the character descriptions improved, then it would be a really top quality book.  Also, the characters of David/Justin, Agnes, Boy and Dorothea were really interesting and mysterious - but at the end of the book, those mysteries are still unsolved, so the ending can be quite anti-climatic and disappointing.
However, the book did have its good points. The inital storyline is good, and the scenary description is good - especially at the plane crash. During that part in the book, you really feel like you are there, watching the havoc unfold right before your eyes. And even though the ending was anti-climatic, it was sweet, which was - in a way - a nice way to end the book.

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