Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Blood Ties by Sophie McKenzie

When Theo discovers the father he thought died when he was a baby is still alive, he's determined to find him. The clues lead him to the lonely Rachel, who has problems of her own, including parents who compare her unfavourably to her long-dead sister.

But when Rachel and Theo are attacked by men from RAGE - the Righteous Army against Genetic Engineering - at Rachel's school disco, they are rescued by strangers and taken to meet a mysterious figure. There, they both make some startling discoveries about their identities, which will affect their past, present, and future in dramatic and life-altering ways.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive of this novel, after reading The Medusa Project and being thoroughly  disappointed. But I absolutely loved this book, and it definitely lived up to the expectations my friend's built it up to be. Like the Medusa Project, the main characters were used for experiments while their mother's were pregnant with them - but unlike the MP, the plot and characters had more depth to them, and I honestly didn't expect any of the plot twists. For once, I adored both of the main characters - they were both incredibly realistic - like any other person you would pass by on the street. I especially loved the character of Rachel - the reader could easily relate to her in so many different ways; from her insecurities about her body, to being bullied, to being felt like you're constantly compared to someone else who you think is better than you. But I loved Theo too - I think the fact that girls can relate with Rachel and that boys can relate to Theo makes the book accessible to both genders - because it isn't just based on love and relationships: it's about friendships, secrets, and a certain coming of age. This novel is literally un-put-downable, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who loves thrillers and action novels. Hopefully I'll be able to require the next in the series soon!


  1. Told you that you'd like it:) I have the next one if you want to borrow it? (incase you hadn't picked it up already, it's Cait xD)

    1. Oh my gosh, I did not know that D:I did get confused when you were like, want to borrow it? And I'm sat here like, you probably live in America ._. but oh my gosh, if you could I would love you foreeeever. I went to the library to try and get it on Friday, but it was gone :(

    2. haha:L and okay, I'll try and remember to bring it on Monday...be warned; it is INSANELY good x3

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