Monday, 19 March 2012

Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

 A murderous rage has been unleashed. Moments after earthquakes rock the world, people start to change in the most terrifying of ways. Friends turn on friends, girlfriends on boyfriends, brothers on sisters. Nobody can be trusted.
For those who survive the first wave of killing, the world is a different, deadlier place. Michael, Aries, Mason and Clementine must battle to stay alive in a world determined to kill them. All they have is one another...but can they even be sure of that?

Can I just say that I adore the cover image? It's not overly complicated, but there are just bits hidden within it, and I honestly found myself just staring over it at times - not that that makes me sound weird or anything? Anyway, I thought the blurb made the book sound fascinating, so I thought I'd pick it up. However, I was disappointed.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it - but not as much as I expected I would. For one thing, I was a bit at odds with the characters - I thought the idea of the story being told from different points of view was good, but I couldn't help but feel irritated by some of them. I loved Aries and Mason, I thought their stories were intruiging - but Clementine and Michael's were so dull! But I suppose if you asked someone else, perhaps they'd be the exact opposite - I suppose it's just up to personal taste. I also really liked all the other characters that were incorperated into the story - in a way, it was a bit like a game as you read - because you knew in the end that it had to be those four together, so what about their other companions? Would they live, would they die...And I found myself getting attached to companions that did die - and then you had the tears, etc, etc. So for a debut novel, although not all the characters were to my taste, I thought Roberts characterized them well, and the fact that each of their stories began in such different ways was good too, because it helped to enhance the bigger picture.

Another thing I'm still kind of unsure of is how the story was played out. When you read the blurb, you think that the four characters would know each other, and that'd it be about them surviving together - but actually, they don't. And I'm still confused about how easily they seemed to find each other and get together. Because at the beginning, everyone of wary - and of course they should be, since anyone is capable of killing them - yet in the end, they're pretty much like, oh yeah we're in a hurry, you look nice, let's just team up! And I can understand that it was suddenly quicker and the tension was much higher, but no one in those kind of situations would let their guard down that much. I was also annoyed that you still don 't know exactly what's happening to the world, and that you don't know how certain people - like Twiggy and Daniel - know what's happening, but no one else does...But I guess that's all part of the cliffhanger, and admittedly it does make me want to read on. For a debut novel, it is good, and I think that because she is passionate, as she writes more the books will become better and better, and I just know this series is going to end up being fantastic. So, I'm going to stick it out - if you love mysteries and a lot of action, I'd definitely recommend this.

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