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Blog Tour: Quantum Entanglement by Liesel K. Hill (Guest Post + Giveaway)

Title: Quantum Entanglement
Author: Liesel K. Hill
Publisher: Create Space
Released: September 17th 2013
Pages: 400 (eBook)
Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon US

Five months after traveling to a post-apocalyptic future where collectives reign supreme and individuals have been hunted to the verge of extinction, Maggie Harper was returned to her own time until the threat to her life could be neutralized. She thought Marcus and the others would return for her within a few weeks, and now she’s beginning to worry. 

When travelers from the future finally show up to collect her, it’s not who she expected. With the return of her memories, she wants more than ever to see Marcus again, but a snake-like woman whose abilities are a perfect match for Maggie’s, an injured Traveler, and decades of civil unrest to wade through all stand in the way of their reunion.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Karl traipse through the countryside, trying to neutralize Colin, who’s promised to brutalize and murder Maggie if he can get his hands on her. When a collective woman is left for dead, Marcus heals her, hoping she’ll be the key to killing Colin and bringing Maggie back. But she may prove as much a hindrance as a help.

The team struggles to get their bearings, but things happen faster than they know. The collectives are coalescing, power is shifting, and the one called B is putting sinister plans into action. If the team can’t reunite and get a handle on the situation, their freedom and individuality—perhaps their very identity—will be ripped away before they can catch their breath.

Hello Wonderful Readers! I’m here to promote Quantum Entanglement, the newest book in my Interchron series. Special thanks to Nina for hosting me here today. She asked me to stop by and post about either 10 things you may not know about me or 10 things you may not know about the Interchron series. I decided to do both.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

1. I come from a large family. I’m the second of twelve kids. And no, that’s not a typo. My siblings and I are all very close. They’re all very supportive of my writing.

2. I play the piano. I’ve played since I was eleven years old. I’m not a natural at it--have to practice to remain skilled--and I don’t currently own a piano, so I’m a bit rusty these days.

3. I live with my two sisters and my 2-year old niece. Neither me or my sisters are currently married, so we all moved in together to help pay bills and take care of the munchkin. It’s hectic at times, but I love our little house full of girls!

4. I love dark chocolate--darker than most people care for. It has to be above 70% cocoa content to have health benefits, and my cupboards are generally stocked.

5. I love angry guy music. I didn’t discover this about myself until college and, trust me, no one was more surprised than me. Now I often unwind to the sounds of Nickelback, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Creed, and more.

5 Things You Don’t Know About my Interchron Series:

1. It began as a combination of my interests in the body-brain connection, and my fascination with the properties of collectives vs. individuals.
2. I plan to write five books in the series.

3. The Vegas incident at the start of book 1, when Maggie and her brother lose time, is based on real events. They happened to my sister’s co-worker years ago. In that case, it was a woman and her husband to ordered mixed drinks and didn’t watch them be mixed. They woke up the next day in a strange hotel room, with no idea what had happened in the interim. They never found out for sure what happened to them, or how they got there.

4. Persistence of Vision (book 1) was only the second full-length book I’d ever written.

5. I bill this as a new adult series because the characters are too old for YA (in their early twenties) but it’s a clean read, unlike most adult novels. But it’s unique in that it’s not a contemporary romance. So, a New Adult Dystopian. Might just be the only one on the market. :D

So that’s it! Hope you learned something. Remember, Quantum Entanglement is on sale for $0.99 or a limited time. Snatch it up now while the price is low, and have a wonderful day! :D

About The Author
Her scifi, fantasy and dystopian are written under Liesel K. Hill and her crime drama and historical fiction are written under L.K. Hill. She lives in northern Utah and comes from a large, tight-knit family. Loves to bake, read, and watch plenty of T.V. And plans to keep writing until they nail her coffin shut. Or the Second Coming happens. You know, whichever happens first. ;D


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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today, Nina! I really appreciate it! :D

  2. 12 siblings and you're still close! That's awesome Liesel. Thanks for hosting this tour Nina!

  3. Five books total? Very cool. And how angry do you like your guy music? I can make some really angry suggestions...

  4. 5 books??? Oh God, I'm not sure I can wait for the other 3 to come out. I want them now!