Sunday, 1 December 2013

Book of the Month: November

I feel quite proud of myself this month, as I managed to get through - wait for it - ten books! Sure I've read more before, but considering I've just started my A-Levels, I'm pretty chuffed. I have to say, I've read a variety of books this months; some really good, and some...well...some really bad (I'm looking at you, Bitter Like Orange Peel). However, the winner this month to me is obvious.

Fireblood by Trisha Wolfe took my breath away. You know when you read an absolutely amazing book, and everything else dims in comparison? Yeah. That. It combined two of my favourite genres and made it into one amazing read that I don't think I will ever get over. If you've read it, good. If you haven't, read it.

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