Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Nina's Week At Waterstones: Day 2

So since I am in Year 10, we're scheduled to do work experience for a week - and finally the week has come! I got my placement at Waterstones last September/October time, so I have been excited to start for quite a while, and I thought that considering Waterstones is all about books, why don't I write a bit of an account about it on the blog? So that is basically what this is. Have fun laughing at my life!

It's only been two days, yet I feel as if the guys at shop are like family. It's like some of them (namely Sarah-Jayne, Chris and Colin) have taken me under their wing, and they don't even snap at me when I hover around them like an annoying moth. Actually, I don't think they find me annoying, period. (Or they're just really good at acting like it!) They're all so lovely, and I have to admit that part of the appeal of this job is the fact that everyone is so friendly. Heck, even the costumers are! Although it is tiring work, I feel like the luckiest person in the world, right now.

So today I was downstairs, helping out around the fiction section, the children's section and the horror/graphic novel/sci-fi/erotica (more on this later) section, which was pretty fun since I spend a lot of my free time camping out around there. Mostly I was putting away stock - and yes, that includes a lot of Fifty Shades of Grey. I am honestly so surprised at the sheer amount of people who buy that novel - and even more about how many were asking if we had Fifty Shades Darker (which no store around here seems to have because of popular demand). We got a delivery of over 200 copies of the first installment, and before we had even finished stickering them and piling them into towers, people were already taking them. It is absolutely insane! It's also boosted the amount of erotica books selling; it's extremely awkward to restock it, but it's a popular demand. We had quite a funny moment when we were putting back one of them - let's just say that some of the authors are not subtle about the books content whatsoever.

I also did a lot of price-stickering-thingy thing, which I still find so much fun. I did a lot of games, and then decided to take it upon myself to sort out the games section; there is so much Scrabble! Chris said that you can never have too much Scrabble (let me tell you that you can. Even if they are different editions!). However, there was a copy on display, so I did spend about fifteen minutes sorting through the letters to make Waterstone's-appropriate words. It's safe to say I was pretty proud of myself by the end! I then stickered loads of calendars, and had to put them all on the stairs. So to carry them up and down, I was putting them in a Waterstone's carrier bag; I looked liked a calendar thief! Sarah-Jayne found it pretty hilarious, and admittedly, I did too.

Okay, so I've been saving the best bits until last. Firstly, I mentioned my love for Harry Potter, and I got an early Christmas present from Sarah-Jayne: a Harry Potter canvas bag. They were giving them out for free ages, ago, but there was always one left, so I'm its new owner. A second thing - in-store I am reading Starters by Lissa Price, which I've been told is very good, so hopefully I will have finished it by the end of the week (if not, I'm going to buy it and finish it anyway!)

So that was my day, in a nutshell. Personally, I loved it. I'm not as tired as I was yesterday, so maybe I'm getting used to the stairs? Here's to hoping!

- Nina

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