Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nina's Week At Waterstones: Day 4

So since I am in Year 10, we're scheduled to do work experience for a week - and finally the week has come! I got my placement at Waterstones last September/October time, so I have been excited to start for quite a while, and I thought that considering Waterstones is all about books, why don't I write a bit of an account about it on the blog? So that is basically what this is. Have fun laughing at my life!

So today I did a mixture of unpacking deliveries, organizing them into trolleys to be sent to the different sections, and then going after them and putting them on the shelves. And you know what? I found it pretty fun. There's something really satisfying about unpacking the totes and sorting through stuff (I know, I know, my brain is screaming nerd) - however, that was severely dampened by another delivery of the Fifty Shades trilogy. I know this seems to dominate most of my Waterstone's posts, but it is actually ridiculous! It is selling so well, yet it's really poorly written. We were discussing it on break, and apparently the main character calls her lady-parts her 'sex'. Here's some advice: when writing an erotica novel, just get to the point, seriously.

Anyway - enough of that. I stocked and stickered most of downstairs, and you can't really walk anywhere without finding a sticker offering Buy One, Get One Half Price! I should really be offered a job in a stickering business. Or pricing! I did more sticker-pricing-gun-thinging today! It's so sad that that was a highlight! But unless you've done it, you do not know how much fun it is. Again, I could sticker all day.

We also got a surprise; the fire alarm went off. At first, I just thought someone had set the door off again - but then it didn't stop, and we were all getting ushered out of the shop, wondering what the heck was going on (and someone was still inside on the loo so we had to wait for them). And then guess what? This electricity man came bumbling round the corner saying he was testing a different shop's fire alarm and set ours off instead. Fantastic, right? (Did I forget to mention that it was raining outside? And that our coats were in the staff room?) But it certainly did add some excitement to the day, at any rate.

Even though it will be nice to put my feet up for the week, I'm really not looking forward to going. I've already started to say my goodbye's to some of the guys I have met through working here, and I'm worried that tomorrow I will be like a blubbering fish (because fish cry, okay). I don't want to leave! I may just bring a suitcase and hide under the sink forever.

- Nina

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