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In Your Dreams by Amy Martin

Title: In Your Dreams
Author: Amy Martin
Publisher: Self
Released: August 15th 2012
Pages: 252 (Kindle)
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Sixteen-year-old Zara "Zip" McKee lives for three things: basketball, books, and bailing out of tiny Titusville, Illinois, where the junior high and high school are in the same building and everyone's known everyone else since birth. But when Kieran Lanier moves to town and passes out on her desk on his first day at school, Zip's life gets complicated in a way she never dreamed. 

Kieran has narcolepsy, and although he sometimes struggles to stay awake, he has no trouble capturing Zip's heart and trusting her with his most guarded secret--he sees bits and pieces of the future in his dreams. 

But just when Zip thinks that maybe she can handle having a boyfriend who sees things before they happen, her budding relationship with Kieran gets a jolt when Kieran's parents reveal that his sleeping disorder is not what it seems and may be putting them in harm's way. And when Zip begins to have unsettling dreams, she must decide if she can live with knowing the future in advance when she's afraid of what might happen.

When Martin approached me with In Your Dreams, I instantly knew I wanted to read it. I'd heard of similar storylines before - you know, main character has narcolepsy but secretly dreams of the future - yet Martin's take on it just seemed to have that little be extra; the setting is so normal and realistic, but then this massive sci-fi twist is thrown in. The author has created a book where the reader is put in Zip's shoes, and rather than reading about a boyfriend with this crazy power, you feel like you're the one with the boyfriend with this crazy power.

Zip can't wait to get out of her small town, a place that lacks pretty much everything. That is, until two new siblings arrive at her high school: model-esque Kayla, and her hot brother, Kieran, who suffers from narcolepsy. After Kieran collapses on Zip's desk in English class, the pair strike up an unlikely friendship which quickly turns into something more. However, Kieran has been keeping a secret from her - he saw Zip months before they actually met, but in his dreams. Kieran sees glimpses of the future, something that sounds cool at first, but is actually pretty frightening. And with him dreaming of a mysterious man who looks far too much like him, Zip is about to be thrown into an entirely new - and scary - world.

I finished this book days ago to be honest, and I'm still reeling from it. As I said, the concept has been done - but Martin's take on it just seemed much more fresh, turning it into something exciting and new. The writing was pretty average, but in the best way possible - it was so easy to slip into, and I found it to be quite informal, making the reader feel like they're friends with Zip, Kieran and Kayla, not just a bystander. I also loved the setting - hey, I have a bit of a soft spot for dingy town settings, alright?

Zip was a great protagonist. At first I was unsure, as it made a point that she loved basketball, and I...well, let's just say that I am as enthusiastic about sports as I am about the British government. Yet Martin made sure that there was a bridge for readers who didn't understand anything about the sport, so in the end my cluelessness didn't even matter. She was a very likeable narrative - not a know-it-all, but not an idiot, just very down-to-earth. Kieran was pretty great too (and yes, I do have a book crush on him!) And the two of them together - um, excuse me, but where is the fan? It was so hot, it made saunas look like something out of the Arctic. I SHIP IT!

I think possibly the best part about In Your Dreams was the pace. That may sound ridiculous, but let me explain: a good book needs a good pace. If things happen to quickly, the reader doesn't have enough time to process what's going on; but if the pace is too slow, then the reader gets bored. The pace Martin set was perfectly in between these two alternatives - we were given enough to be satisfied, but not enough for the entire plot to be ruined.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Yes, the concept has been done, but not the way that Martin has done it. You're enticed by the synopsis, hooked from the first page, and left reeling for days after you've finished it. If you love sci-fi or are just intrigued, go and buy this book asap - and watch this space, as my review for As You Wake will be up sometime within the next few months!
Rating: 4/5

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  1. This looks like a very interesting read, glad you enjoyed it! I am curious about this fresh take on the story!