Saturday, 1 September 2012

Book of the Month: August

This month, like always, I have read a range of different books, and I have enjoyed many of them. But only two really stood out for me - and for very different reasons. Firstly, Delirium by Lauren Oliver, which is a dystopian novel based around the idea that love - amor deliria nervosa - is a disease, and needs to be cured. The other is I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore, which is based around the Lorien Nine, a race of aliens who came to Earth to grow up when their own planet was destroyed by Mogadorian's.

It is a very close call, but I know it's got to be I Am Number Four. I read a lot of dystopian novels and I love them all, but IANF was my first ever alien novel, and I absolutely adored it. The two authors completely created two new worlds, and did it so convincingly that I felt as if I was watching it all unfold right in from of me. I cannot give it enough praise, really. I'd definitely say that it is just one of those novels that every teenager should at least give a try, no matter what their genre preference may be. Luckily, I have The Power of Six sitting on my shelf, which is the sequel and I will be reading sometime this month - and I honestly cannot wait. My hopes are set high.

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