Saturday, 2 November 2013

Netgalley November

Netgalley November is a month-long event where bloggers try to catch up with some of their TBR Netgalley titles. Personally I have quite a lot of these, so despite the fact that I have a few tour books to read and required reading books for my English class, I thought Heck, why not? There are five challenge categories, and despite the fact that I'll be lucky to read 10, I've picked 15 (just in case).

Challenge Categories:
Easy: 1-4
Medium: 5-10
Hard: 11-15
Difficult: 16-20
Netgalley Superstar: 21+

The Books:

So those are my targets for this month - what are yours? Leave a comment below, and I wish you all the best of luck!


  1. I LOVED Crash into You &Wild Cards. Good Luck and Happy Reading.

    1. I'm really excited for them - especially Crash Into You!

  2. I'm doing this challenge as well and hoping to clear 5-10 books from my Net Galley que as well. Can't wait to see what you review. Come visit me as well.


    1. I doubt I'll even clear five at the rate I'm going at! Will do :D

  3. Pawn is excellent! I actually just finished it and you should check out my post!

  4. I have some of these too :) Good luck and thank you for participating in NetGalley November :)

  5. We have a couple of the same titles. I will be interested to see what you think of them.

    I have really noticed that my approval rating has gone done since Netgalley started to provide a percentage on my profile.I am really hoping that this challenge will ell me to tackle my Netgalley TBR and improve the situation.

    After the first week I am at approx. 50%. I don't know how close to 80% I will get ( my math's isn't very good) but I am aiming to read 8 books during the challenge. So far I have managed 2!

    My plan is to start with the recently published and work my way back through my galleys

    Now, if only I could resist the urge to request more titles...