Sunday, 18 December 2011

Abandon by Meg Cabot

Last year, Pierce died - just for a moment. And when she was in the space between life and death, she met John: tall dark and terrifying, it’s his job to usher souls from one realm to the next.

There’s a fierce attraction between them, but Pierce knows that if she allows herself to fall for John she will be doomed to a life of shadows and loneliness in the underworld. But now things are getting dangerous for her, and her only hope is to do exactly what John says...

 So when I was younger, I read the Princess Diaries series - and if I'm being honest, I can remember nothing apart from what happens in the films. I have also read certain others books by her - like Jinx and Tommy Sullivan Is A Freak and Nicola and the Viscount. But I can't remember much of those either - so I was intruiged when I found this lying around in the library, considering it seemed to be so different from her previous books, which are more based on wishful-reality. And I have to say that now I have finished it, I'm rather on the fence, because there were aspects about it which I loved...and then there were some that I didn't. For example, how predictable it all was -I guessed what would happen at the end right from the beginning, and wasn't really shocked by anything. I also disliked the main character, Pierece- she was just that typical storybook girl, who is gorgeous (which she is unaware of) and has the extremely rich father who will pay for anything. She also ends up being the damsel in distress all the time, and is so dim-witted I felt like face-palming myself everytime she opened her mouth. But despite all this, the one thing that really riled me was how Cabot said she had anger issues, but she was never angry. If she really had an anger issue, she would have flipped out way more than she did - and definitely more dramatically. But, for what it's worth, I did like it some- it was an easy read, and Cabot did great background research, because all the little issues raised in the novel were solved, and the puzzle pieces did fit together nicely. I would recommend this book for any fan of books like Twilight - but if you're not fond of the typical clumsy heroine, then this is not the book for you.

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